Bottle topple

Age group

3-5 yrs

Number of children:

13-20 ppl

Areas it develops: being conscius about rules, understanding order, communication, socialization, larger movements, problem solving skills, reading comprehension, senso-motor integration

Experiencing heavy-light objects in a playful manner, including more sensory areas. Moving around and being active makes this even more fun!


  • 4-5 plastic bottle
  • water
  • little pieces of paper
  • bean bags

Break down the bottles


Fill 4-5 PET bottles with water and little pieces of paper. One should be half empty, one totally full and one which has only a little water. First, allow children to lift them so they can experience their weight and compare them. Discuss the differences. Draw a line and place the bottles away from it (with different distances). Kids should try to hit them with bean bags so that they actually topple. 

Ask the children to observe how much energy they needed for each bottle and make sure to discuss the results.