Cheer-leading with handmade pom-poms

Age group

3-5 yrs

Number of children:

13-20 ppl

Areas it develops: larger movements, opposite movements, coordination, body consciousness, concentration, attention

For this game all pom-poms will be made by the kids from stripes of plastic. Once they are ready the cheerleading can begin.


  • colourful plastic bags
  • sticks
  • thin rope or cord to fasten the pom-poms (maybe glue)

Create colourful pom-poms


Each child will make their own pair. Cut colourful plastic bags into stripes which then will be attached to sticks by the kids. Make sure to leave a bit of space for holding onto the stick.

Let's play!


Once they are ready let’s start playing: hold onto the pom-poms and:

  • One arm up, the other down, then switch.
  • One arm front, the other back then switch.
  • Jump to an open leg position then back. The arms should follow the legs.
  • Alternating leg jumps followed by the arms too.
  • Squat and standing back up which means the arms will have to go above the head too.



…children can show each other some movements and the pom-poms can be used later too.