Don’t let the ball fall!

Age group

3-5 yrs

Number of children:

13-20 ppl

Areas it develops: movements, following order, communication, socialization, senso-motor integration

The rules are really simple: pairs have to throw a ball and count how many times they could do so without letting it fall. Execution is much more complicated though: it greatly benefits cooperation, precise movements, applying the right force and concentration. Moreover, children have to focus on more things at once as they also have to count while throwing.


  • balls

Don’t let the ball fall!


Pair the children up but make sure they don’t stand too far away from each other. Ask them to simply throw the ball without letting it fall. At age 6 ask them to also count the times they could throw it without letting the ball touch the floor. Everyone should count their own and the count starts over after a fall. At the end of the game make sure to discuss everybody’s streak.

Pro tip: if a child experiences difficulty with either throwing or catching they should be paired with the adult.