Dribble the ball

Age group

3-5 yrs

Number of children:

3-7 ppl

Areas it develops: coordination, focus on each other, problem-solving skills, spatial orientation, socialization, breaking the rules, following the rules

In this game children have to keep a ball on a blanket by drippling it, or they might actually have to get the ball off the blanket. This activity requires cooperation, organised movements, attention and concentration. It’s not easy but it greatly improves the skills mentioned and is a great experience together!


  • a bigger blanket
  • balls (not too heavy)

Try to navigate the balls


Place the balls on a blanket and discuss in what direction they should roll. Kids in that direction have to lower the blanket while the others lift it to navigate the balls. Dribble all of the balls off the blanket by throwing them while still holding the blanket. The aim could also be to keep all of them on the blanket.