Flying beanbags

Age group

3-5 yrs

Number of children:

13-20 ppl

Areas it develops: being conscious about rules, understanding order, communication, socialization, larger movements, problem solving skills, reading comprehension, senso-motor integration

Such a simple game as throwing beanbags might not cross our minds as something useful but it does develop many areas and skills. Applying enough force, being precise, coordination are only half of it: it also requires concentration, cooperation, understanding and following rules too. All while having a lot of fun!


  • balls
  • boxes

Throw the beanbags back and forth


Place boxes away from each other. Children should try to throw beanbags into them but make sure to encourage them to try the box that seems the easisest to them. The first child after throwing should collect the ones they didn’t score and throw it back to the next kid. The next child does the same and so on and so forth. Play 3-4 rounds with a different first thrower always.

Pro tip: If a child experiences a difficulty let’s help them by holding their arm and showing them the amount of power they need to use or the movement that’s required for a successful throw.