Let’s create something with shapes

Age group

3-5 yrs

Number of children:

3-7 ppl

Areas it develops: spatial orientation, graphomotor skills, eye-hand coordination, vocabulary, defining things

This game requires creativity and cooperation from the kids as it is about coming up with new shapes and forms from existing ones and it’s great because everyone has to add something to the new shape.

When children learn about the world they also use their creativity and problem solving skills. Through this game they have a chance to learn about tools and objects in their environments and to talk about them with the help of easy-to-follow rules.


  • same-sized geometric shapes out of hard paper
  • sheets for all children
  • colorful pencils

Create figures


Make same-sized geometric shapes out of hard paper and place them on the tables in front of the children. 3-4 children should sit at one table. The children should create different figures and objects from the shapes together and everyone should add an idea of what to put where. When they are ready, show them to the others. Then have each child select a form and draw and colour it.

Pro tip: give children with difficulty of working with geometric forms an idea of how you can draw shapes more easily. For example, put the shape on the paper and draw it around, or ask the parent to draw the shape faintly and give it to the child to draw those faint lines over. In both cases, the child should also colour the figure. Afterwards, just draw a few lines in advance and have the child fill out the rest. We can also give the child verbal help: “now drag from the bottom up,” or “from that corner to the opposite”, and so on.