Let’s decorate pots!

Age group

3-5 yrs

Number of children:

3-7 ppl

Areas it develops: aesthetic intelligence, fine-motor skills, visual fantasy, eye-hand coordination

This game is the perfect combination of a lot of fine-motor developing/requiring activities: making paper balls, playing with salt dough, cutting, gluing, placing. Apart from these it also develops aesthetic intelligence and creativity. We will also share some tips in this description on kids who have issues with using tools.


  • paper balls
  • salt dough
  • papers
  • cardboards
  • etc.

Decorate the pots


The adult should draw different shaped pots on a hard cardboard. Kids have to decorate these using different materials, by gluing. Let them use mini paper balls, rice, lentils, beans… Depending on the season they might use smaller branches or flowers too. Once they are done they show their work and evaluate it together.

Pro tip: Children who experience problems with tools or with their fine-motor skills should be given pre-made decorative items which are not too small. We might even encourage them with decoration tips. It is important to always give them at least two options so that it is the child who makes the decision.