Let’s draw our own daily schedule!

Age group

3-5 yrs

Number of children:

3-7 ppl

Areas it develops: understanding order, time, planning, depiction, cooperation, vocabulary, creativity

In this game we discuss how children’s daily schedules’ look, so that they can practice order. Then they have to come up with different symbols meaning different parts of the day and different activities they do and then they just draw their own journals/planners.


  • papers
  • colorful pencils
  • praphit pencil or a thicker (fel-tip) pen

Make our daily schedule


First, let’s talk about the different parts of the day and what people usually do then. The adult should draw a big chart on a piece of paper and write in it anything the kids say about the parts of the day and their own daily routines.

Draw your own schedule


After this everybody do their own with the symbols they come up with and finally everyone has to showcase their own charts.

Pro tip: Getting kids to stay on the paper use a tray with a lip (/frame). It can create a boundary and automatically make it easier for kids to control materials inside the space. To get kids to stay inside the lines there are several tricks. Create boundaries, for example with lining the borders of the paper wax sticks that can be sculpted and adhered to basically anything. These will create a small barrier to prevent the child from veering off of the paper. If the child gets too distracted by the bright sticks, squeeze thin lines of liquid glue all around the edges and let dry to create a clear, invisible boundary. If you don’t have time for glue to dry, use masking tape around the edges instead.