Let’s make musical instruments!

Age group

3-5 yrs

Number of children:

3-7 ppl

Areas it develops: sensory development, hand-eye coordination, using of tools, sentence forming, vocabulary, fine motor skills

One of the most common difficulties is using tools appropietly or the different ways they can be manipulated. Coordinated movements, tactility, applying the right amount of pressure, the cooperation of the two hands, and the words accompanying these activites are all milestones in development.


  • small paper boxes
  • beans, rice, small keys, tiny orbs etc.
  • glue
  • paint and brushes if you would like to paint the “instruments”

Instruments out of paper box and rustling things


Let’s use boxes for this one! Fill them up with different materials: beans, rice, small keys, tiny orbs…Try to play our favourite songs! We might use smalls sticks as drum sticks too. Let everyone choose their own instrument and make sure to discuss why the different objects give different sounds.

Pro tip:

Graduality is key. Those kids who have problems with tools should start with the easy ones!

We can also play a pair game with this: children have to guess what’s in each others’ boxes! This can be easily played at home too with the parents or siblings. It is essential that the adults do not evaluate the sounds! Always let the kids discover everything!

When we play fantasy based games make sure to add new tools all the time so that they can learn to use everything as a routine.