Palm wave

Age group

3-5 yrs

Number of children:

13-20 ppl

Areas it develops: rythm, attention, concentration, cross movements, harmonization of two body halves, following rules

This game requires great attention and concentration but all we need is our palms, soles and a rythm to follow. It is a great activity for those children who are not so good at waiting for their turn


  • the palms of the children 🙂

Ripple them!


Sit on the ground in a line. Everyone places both their palms on the ground, next to each other. The first hits the ground with one plam then with the other following a rythm pattern which then has to be followed by the next child, then the next one…

Some ways to switch this game up


  1. After a couple of round palms should be crossed, so the first hand belongs to the second child, the second hand belongs to the first child, chile the third one is the second child’s other hand…
  2. After a couple of rounds soles should be involved too
  3. Cross their soles too after a couple of rounds

The order of children changes but the task doesn’t: the hit wave runs through the chain of children and then back. Once the limbs are crossed pay extra attention to the order!