Age group

3-5 yrs

Number of children:

8-12 ppl

Areas it develops: visual imagination, vocabulary, sentence formation, expression, stereopsis, definitions, grapho-motor skills, using of tools, expressing emotions and feelings

What I am like? What are others like? During this game children can experience their appearances and then they even try to draw themselves. This game helps learning about ourselves while developing the ability to express themselves.


  • mirror
  • sheets
  • pencils

How do i look like?


Children should describe themselves one by one: how their face, hair, ears, nose are. We can turn it around so that others have to describe them. Focus on grammar and the adjectives especially.

Make a self-prtrait


Once we finished the discussion everyone should create a self-portrait with the help of a small mirror.

Pro tip: The adult should help them individually so that they can really capture their essence: face shapes, hair or facial expressions, however they should only help if the child has hit an obstacle, or a part of the face is missing. Should this happen just ask them to check again whether they have everything they need or just make a small comment like: you don’t have anything to hear/see/smell with.

Family theatre


If we have some old clothes, bags, hats we can play family theatre.