Socks on hands and socks on legs

Age group

3-5 yrs

Number of children:

8-12 ppl

Areas it develops: larger movements, opposing and cross movements, coordination, body consciousness, attention, concentration, understanding and following rules.

During this activity which highly benefits body consciousness and the coordination of the left and right hemispheres a pair of socks is worn first on the left hand and foot then on the right hand and foot. Children have to touch their sock limbs in different manners.


  • two pairs of socks for each children

Round one


Children should put on the socks on their same-side limbs, so for example a polka dot sock should go on their right hand and leg while the stripy sock should go on the left hand and foot.

Task: ask them to do the following with their same sock limbs:

  • touch the hand and the knee
  • the hand and the ankle
  • hand and heel in a standing position

then combinations of these:

  • walking with same sided knee touch (right hand-right knee, left hand-left knee)
  • walking with same sided heel touch
  • walking with same sided ankle touch

then walking with different movement sequences (so understanding and following rules is important here!)

  • knee-knee-ankle touch
  • knee-knee-heel touch
  • knee-knee-ankle-ankle-heel-heel touch

Round two


Kids should wear the socks on opposite limbs. So for example one striped sock goes on their left hand and the other on their right foot, while the polka dot sock goes on their right hand and left foot. They should repeat the same sequences but instead of same sides they should touch their opposite sides.