The colours of the rainbow

Age group

3-5 yrs

Number of children:

3-7 ppl

Areas it develops: general widening of knowledge, depiction, vocabulary, fine-motor skills, sensory integration, perception, detection, ability to express oneself

Let’s ’collect the colours of the rainbow and let’s play with them! This game builds perception and detection and it develops the ability to express things we perceive.


  • objects from our surroundings
  • plain papers
  • colorful pencils

Collect objects


Collect objects from our surroundings and group them according to the colours of the rainbow. Once all the colours are gathered, discuss what is red, yellow, pink, green, purple, orange and blue.

Draw as a rainbow


The children should draw them as if they were a rainbow.

Draw by colours


Then they choose two of the colours of the rainbow and we ask them to draw as many objects as they know with that colour.

Pro tip: Getting kids to stay on the paper use a tray with a lip (/frame). It can create a boundary and automatically make it easier for kids to control materials inside the space. To get kids to stay inside the lines there are several tricks. Create boundaries, for example with lining the borders of the paper wax sticks that can be sculpted and adhered to basically anything. These will create a small barrier to prevent the child from veering off of the paper. If the child gets too distracted by the bright sticks, squeeze thin lines of liquid glue all around the edges and let dry to create a clear, invisible boundary. If you don’t have time for glue to dry, use masking tape around the edges instead.

Color sorting


Get a handful of colorful beads. On the outside of a zip lock bag, draw a few circles that match the colors of the beads. Fill the bag with add hair gel and beads. Seal the bag and then tape it shut. Using your finger, sort the beads into the right color circle!

Sorting pompoms


Get a handful of colorful pompoms. Color the outside of a few paper towel rolls, to correspond with the colors of the pompoms. Stand the towel rolls upright. Label the colors on each tube, or for a more advanced approach, have your child identify the colors without a label. Sort the pompoms by dropping the correct color into their corresponding color tube. Fill the tube up with its matching color!

For a fine motor challenge, use tongs to pick up the pompoms.