NestingPlay is a social enterprise from Hungary with the mission to help each child benefit from the potentials of play. We believe in the importance of early childhood development, and the power of free play to improve children’s learning outcomes and social inclusion.  We work with different children groups of ages 3-12, especially children with atypical development. NestingPlay, through its staff and experts has 30 years of child development expertise combined with field experiences with atypical children, including disadvantaged communities, like the Roma.

Our education support services are provided for educators, parents, and the micro-community around children.  

NestingPlay Academy

  • Training for teachers and parents on working with or raising children with atypical development.
  • Training about the benefits of free play to children’s social, emotional, creative, and cognitive development.
  • The different sequences of brain development
  • Communicating about development disorders with parents, in the family, among parents and with teachers.
  • How to make inclusion happen in the classroom through guided play activities.


  • With Nesti the teachers can follow the development of a child through years.
  • Teachers can follow the development of the child on a diagram.
  • Nesti makes their work easier. For example, it will alert them when the next measurement is due.
  • Nesti offers 100+ playful activities to develop delayed abilities.
  • Nesti gives them idea how to include a child with developmental delays in the common activities of the group.


  • Specially designed outdoor play installations, providing various alternatives for play and bonding, while developing children’s motoric, creative, social, and emotional skills.
  • Safe, easy to compile and encourage social interactions.
  • We promote the guidance of a conscious and trained adult moderating play in diverse children communities.


  • Inclusive and safe spaces for children with atypical development to play together with their neurotypical friends in an inspiring environment, guided by trained professionals.
  • To equally take part in play activities with classmates and friends.
  • To facilitate social inclusion and build social cohesion.